Our Story1

For 25 years Jonathan Martin worked as an international lawyer. His work took him all over the globe and Jonathan saw first hand the impact that the growing population and urbanisation is having on our planet and our lifestyles.

Determined to do something about Jonathan left his profession of 25 years and started Acqua Tower. 

His belief that we can all make a difference to how we live and eat has been the driving force behind the development of the Eco Tower 1. A product that is designed by Jonathan to help us on so many levels.

Reducing our carbon footprints.
Modern techniques for growing, packaging and delivering food are a huge contributor to carbon dioxide outputs. Growing your own produce helps to reduce your impact on the environment. But with Acqua Tower you save more. Typically plants would be grown in a medium that includes peat but peat usage is also hugely detrimental to your carbon footprint. Using Coir solves that issue and leaves the peat bogs doing what they do well, store carbon and reduce the amount of C02 released into the atmosphere.

Making growing accessible to all.
In the modern age the move to live in cities is repeated the world over. And we all know that city dwelling does not lend itself to growing produce with fertile land at a premium. Self contained vertical growing units are the way forward for urban dwellers. Land with soil isn't needed and growing vertically means that your small foot print will deliver 90% more product. The units are easy to set up and watering is automated. The units are designed to be modular so that the plants are easy to reach for those with disabilities or less movement.