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Acqua Smart Garden 2.0 - Complete Grow Your Own Package

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Grow your own fresh herbs, salads and leafy greens at home! Our self-watering Acqua Smart Garden 2.0 countertop growing system allows you to grow your own fresh produce wherever you live and whatever your lifestyle. An elegant addition to your kitchen. Nothing beats the freshness, amazing flavours and nutritional value of produce you grow yourself and we've made it so easy with the Acqua Smart Garden 2.0.

LED lights built in to the hydroponics growing system simulate the sunlight spectrum, promoting plants to photosynthesise, helping plants maintain optimal growth, and encouraging high yields. A fantastic gift Idea too: The indoor garden kit is an educational gift for children, helping them to observe the process of growth. 

And by growing fresh produce at home, you're reducing your food miles and helping the environment. Experiment with a range of plants - perhaps some fresh basil and other herbs, lettuce - even chillies!

Supplied with a power adapter, instructions and an assortment of complimentary seeds.

A great time to get growing!