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Chilli Pepper Hot Burrito - 18 x Plug Plant Pack - AcquaGarden

Chilli Pepper 'Hot Burrito' - 12 x Seed Pack

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Chilli Pepper produces heavy crops of bullet-shaped, green fruits that gradually ripen to scarlet red. Each Chilli Pepper reaches up to 7cm long making an attractive display as the fruits ripen. Chilli has a hot and fiery flavour, followed by a touch of sweetness - perfect for salsa and Asian style dishes. With a compact habit, this variety is ideal for growing in patio pots, or as a pot plant in the conservatory or a sunny windowsill indoors. Height: 45cm (18"). Spread: 30cm (12"). All grown from seed under glass in Lincolnshire by one of the UK's leading growers.

Supplied with 12 x seeds in each pack.

Perfect for growing your own. A great time to get planting!