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Rosemary 'Mrs Jessops' - 6 x Plug Plant Pack

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AROMATICALLY PLEASING: This shrubby evergreen is ideal for a sunny herb garden and even survives in poor soils, requiring very little maintenance. It's also very happy inside on the kitchen countertop or on a windowsill for fresh herbs at your fingertips!

MOUTH WATERING FLAVOURS: The perfect partner to roast lamb, the dark green aromatic foliage of Rosemary 'Mrs Jessops' has a multitude of culinary uses. Any chef or avid gardener will appreciate this addition of ingredient to the home kitchen!

LOVE TO GROW: It is recommended to plant this variety of rosemary in a spot that gets direct continuous sun for 6+ hours. In addition to this, ensure that the plant is watered once a week and is watered deeply.

ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: This variety of Rosemary can grow to a healthy height and produces plenty of yields! A true trophy to have in either the home garden or indoors in a pot or container.

SUPPLIED AS: Plug plants, with 6 x plants in each pack. A great time to get growing!