Sweetcorn - Minipop
Sweetcorn - Minipop
Sweetcorn - Minipop

Sweetcorn - Minipop

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Sweetcorn 'Minipop' is easy to grow, crunchy, sweet and full of flavour. This is a special variety for delicious mini cobs which can be harvested at about 10 cm in length. If you are short of space, these plants can be planted much closer together than normal sweetcorn and you do not need to plant in traditional blocks to aid germination. Can be grown in: Raised beds, pots and containers, veg patches or borders. In the kitchen: Perfect for stir-fries, steaming or to add extra crunch to your salads.

Supplied as full plants for fast times to first harvest, with 12 x plants in each pack,  ready to plant.

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