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Tomato Plants - 'Sun Gold' - 4 x Full Plant in 9cm Pots

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EXCEPTIONAL AND HIGHLY POPULAR TOMATO: 'Sun Gold' is the most popular yellow cherry tomato plant in the UK, bar none. And its easy to see why: truly amazing flavour, abundant crops, and super reliable with a long harvest period. We love it.

HIGHLY PROLIFIC: 'Sun Gold' is widely named as the Number One tomato now, and that title is well deserved. It produces very high yields, abundant trusses forming throughout the Summer and all the way to first frost.

DELICIOUS FLAVOUR: This tomato is so sweet - in taste and looks. Very high natural sugar content combines with just the right amount of acidity, to create a fusion of mouth-watering deliciousness.

HEIGHT AND SPREAD: A cordon variety that will keep on giving. Height: 2m, Spread: 50cm.

SUPPLIED AS: Supplied as a full plants, with 4 x well developed, healthy plants in 9cm pots.