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Acqua Garden 2 - Automated Solar Powered Self-Watering Vertical Growing System - 'Garden in a Box'

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INNOVATIVE FULLY AUTOMATED VERTICAL GROWING SYSTEM : The Acqua Garden 2 is an innovative and highly productive vertical growing system designed for modern living. A fusion of elegance and functionality, the Acqua Garden 2 enables anyone, anywhere to grow nutritious fresh produce in abundance, wherever they live.

SMART IRRIGATION SYSTEM: The Acqua Garden 2 incorporates a smart irrigation system, comprising of a powerful micro pump, smart timer, super rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, high efficiency solar panel, and solar controller. The smart irrigation system delivers just the right amount of water and mineral nutrients at set intervals, to provide your plants with all the goodness they need at all times.

POWERED BY SOLAR: The solar panel continuously recharges the battery even in low light levels, and is so efficient it doesn't even require direct sunlight. It will charge the battery pretty much anywhere you choose to locate it, outside or inside the home. You can even charge your phone or computer, or listen to some music while you relax on your patio, as the system incorporates a USB socket to power devices too!

HIGH YIELDS & FAST GROWTH RATES: The science behind the Acqua Garden 2 combines to give high yields and fast growth rates for your plants. Plants receive water and nutrients at set intervals every day, so always have everything they need for healthy and fast growth. The plant's roots embed in our proprietary blend of organic coconut coir, which promotes healthy root development but as the plants then don't need to search further for water or nutrients, all of their their energy goes into upward growth.

GROW WHATEVER YOU LOVE: You can grow pretty much anything with the Acqua Garden 2 - salads, leafy greens, vegetables, herbs, chillies, even flowers! And you can grow up to 72 plants at once, effortlessly.


The Acqua Garden 2 is the perfect solution to 'Growing Your Own' fresh produce.

This beautiful system is provided as a complete 'Garden in a Box' and comes with everything you need to start growing including:

  • Smart irrigation package incorporating a micro pump, pre-programmed digital timer, lithium-ion super rechargeable battery and charger, solar panel and solar controller
  • Pipe sections and connectors
  • Peat-free compost growing package
  • Mineral nutrients package
  • Various accessories

The Acqua Garden makes growing easy, anywhere. No tools are required to set it up and once set up it runs itself! You can set it up anywhere - patio, balcony, terrace, conservatory, kitchen or anywhere you have just a little space. Your very own elegant vertical kitchen garden! The reservoir holds enough water and nutrients to last 3 weeks or more before topping up, and no power source is needed either.

The Acqua Garden 2 is mobile too, as it has wheels and levellers built into the base. So you can decide where you want it, then just move it with ease if you want to! 

The tower is rotatable, making access super easy, and you can also give all your plants turns in full sun or shade. 

This is a brand new product, precision designed and engineered, with much embedded science and innovation, protected by proprietary intellectual property around the world. 

Effortless gardening: no weeding or watering, no dirty soil, no bending or lifting. Just fun and super harvests. And you can grow the widest range of plants too - salads, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, veggies - even flowers!

We can also supply the plants, so you have everything you need to start growing. 

Time to become an Acqua Gardener!