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Cabbage 'Hispi Sweetheart' - 6 x Plug Plant Pack

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A WONDERFUL VARIETY: Cabbage 'Hispi' can be grown at virtually any season of the year and comes to maturity faster than most other cabbages. With a delicious flavour and great yields, this is a great choice for a cabbage.

REAP THE REWARDS: Not only is this stunning cabbage fast growing, but it is also suitable for gardens with limited space as its a very compact plant. This therefore means it can be grown both indoors and outdoors depending on what the gardener desires!

DELIGHTFULLY TASTY: This sweeter tasting green cabbage is an ideal addition to any homemade dish not only due to the nutritional benefits of vitamins K and C but also because of how tasty it truly is!

ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: The ultimate height of this variety of cabbage is 25cm with a ultimate spread of 25cm also. This will be when the plant has reached 1-2 years of maturity!

SUPPLIED AS: Plug plants, with 6 x plants in each pack. A great time to get planting!