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Tomato 'Alicante' - Full Plants in 9cm Pots

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🍅 PREMIUM QUALITY PLANTS: Our plants are always of the highest quality, grown with great care, to ensure the very best results. And we ship our plants using our own bespoke plant packaging, protecting them in transit so you'll receive your plants in great condition too

🍅 HIGH YIELD VARIETY: Tomato 'Alicante' is renowned for its prolific production of juicy, flavourful fruits, ensuring a plentiful harvest throughout the season

🍅 EXCEPTIONAL FLAVOUR: Renowned for its rich, sweet taste and smooth texture, the fruits of Tomato 'Alicante' are perfect for slicing, salads, sauces, and culinary creations

🍅 ROBUST GROWTH: With its vigorous growth habit, this tomato plant thrives in various garden settings, from raised beds to containers, providing an abundance of fresh produce

🍅 EASY TO GROW: Suitable for novice and experienced gardeners alike, Tomato 'Alicante' is easy to grow and maintain, requiring minimal care and attention

🍅 ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Height: 200cm (79"). Spread: 50cm (20") 

🍅 SUPPLIED AS: Supplied as full plants in 9cm pots with either 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 x plants in each pack