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Fruit Plants - Gooseberry 'Hinnonmaki Yellow' - 2 x Large Plants in 2 Litre Pots

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HIGH YIELDING GOOSEBERRY VARIETY: This variety of Gooseberry - ‘Hinnonmaki Yellow' - produces a heavy yield of delicious fruit, making it one of the most popular all all Gooseberry plants

EXCELLENT FLAVOURS: The flavour of 'Hinnonmaki Yellow is as a Gooseberry should be. The sweet and tasty fruit that can be eaten straight off the plant or used in a variety of culinary dishes

GREAT FOR JAMS AND DESSERTS: Delicious and crisp, the fusion of sweetness and tanginess makes for wonderful jams and desserts, can be added to baking such as in scones, eaten fresh as a snack or even to add as a new flavour in your main meals. And nothing beats knowing that you have grown it yourself

SELF-POLLINATING SOFT FRUIT: This fruit plant can either be planted next to each other to create a hedge row or separately to get easy access to the plants for harvesting. Water new plants well if planting in the Summer, or plant in Autumn, Winter or Spring to get the roots established early for a great harvest

ABUNDANT HARVESTS YEAR AFTER YEAR: With just minimal annual care, such as a little pruning in the Autumn/Winter, these plants will bear abundant fruit year after year. Grow your own fruit and explore a more varied diet with this sweet and delicious fruit!

SUPPLIED AS: Supplied as a full, well-established, 2 x large plants in 2 litre pots. A great time to get planting!

*Plant size and maturity may vary*