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Vegetable Plants - Peas - 'Sugar Snap' - Full Plant Pack

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TRADITIONAL PEA VARIETY: Sugar Snap Peas are extremely easy to grow and will produce delicious round podded, growing to approximately 1.5m tall. Plant for a fast, abundant harvest of the popular and reliable 'Sugar Snap' pea!
DELICIOUS TASTE: Pick and eat these peas straight from the pod or add to your every day cooking for a tasty, fresh flavour. We recommend trying 'Sugar Snap' Peas sautéed or roasted!
PLANT CARE: 'Sugar Snap' Peas grow best in a sunny, well-drained spot. They will tolerate a little light shade but prefer to grow in moist, fertile soil in a sheltered location away from strong winds.
HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Height: up to 75cm (29.5"). Spread: up to 25cm (9.8").
SUPPLIED AS: A full pack of well-advanced plants, with 12 plants in each pack. Grow your own now!