Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions for growing fresh, healthy and highly nutritional produce in simple but efficient, high density, fully automated systems, which are also environmentally friendly and can be set up virtually anywhere. 

We do all of this with systems which use far less water, require far less space, produce high yields with fast growing times, and avoid many of the challenges associated with conventional growing.

Consumers are increasingly demanding locally grown, highly nutritional food, which they know has been produced ethically, without the use of harmful pesticides or other agrochemicals, and in ways which are not damaging to the environment.

With food and water security also becoming increasingly critical global issues, we are also providing the means to enable people to feed themselves, their families and their communities in a simple, ultra low cost, easily accessible and sustainable way.

We are firstly launching the Acqua Garden - an elegant and functional growing system enabling individuals and families to grow their own fresh healthy produce at home.

The Acqua Garden has been designed to be an inclusive product, so allowing everyone, including those with disabilities, mobility issues, blindness or failing sight, psychological challenges or other circumstances that make conventional gardening or growing difficult to impossible, to enjoy these pleasures. And to grow nutritional produce wherever they are. Our design and development work has been highly focused on this - we were determined to create something simple and accessible to all.

Fast on the heels of the Acqua Garden, we will shortly be launching our commercial systems - the Acqua Commercial Garden  - providing the means for anyone, anywhere and at any level to establish their own growing business, whether on a micro level or in larger operations.

We believe that our systems have the potential to make a material and sustainable impact on world hunger and poor nutrition, and that is our primary goal.

This is absolutely achievable. We truly believe that we have developed products and systems which can have a significant impact on the world and we are vigorously pursuing our goals for this.

Our Acqua Gardens are built using the finest quality food grade materials. Our materials are tested and produced to the highest food product standards, ensuring that they are absolutely safe to grow food in.

We also monitor and audit our entire supply chain to ensure that all in our supply team are meeting the highest ethical and manufacturing standard.

At the core of our business model is our commitment to environmentally sound, ethical and responsible business operations and practices. This is readily demonstrated in the products we have developed, our systems and processes and our overall business strategy and plan.