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'Apache' Chilli Pepper - 6 x Plug Plant Pack

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APACHE: Chilli Pepper 'Apache' is one of the UK's most popular chillies. Each plant produces heavy crops of bullet-shaped, green fruits that gradually ripen to scarlet red. Apache has a hot and fiery flavour, followed by a touch of sweetness - perfect for salsa and Asian style dishes.

EASY TO GROW: With a compact habit, this variety is ideal for growing in the conservatory, kitchen or a sunny windowsill indoors. Then can be planted outside once the weather warms. Enjoy lovely hot chillies all year round!

PACKAGING: Supplied as 6 x plug plants, for fast times to first flowers and fruit..

HEIGHT AND SPREAD: These Apache plug plant can reach a height of 45cm as well as a spread of 30cm when fully grown. The perfect addition to the home kitchen.

INDOOR/OUTDOOR: Due to its compact nature, Apache chilli plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors. A great time to get growing!