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English Thyme - 6 x Plug Plant Pack

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ENGLISH THYME VARIETY: Hardy, wonderfully aromatic garden herb, perfect both on the kitchen windowsill and outside as a ground covering plant. For best results, plant in well-drained soil in a sunny position. Although thyme will tolerate shady areas in the summer.

GREAT FOR COOKING: Thyme is used for adding layers of flavour to cooking. Commonly used to season soups and sauces. You can also use thyme with potatoes, rice dishes, vegetables and fresh bread. We recommend you add thyme to beef casseroles for an minty, slightly lemony flavour.

INDOOR OR OUTDOOR: Can easily be grown indoors in your kitchen or outdoors in the garden. Ideal for pots, containers on the patio or even on a windowsill!

HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Height 30cm (12in) Spread 60cm (2ft).

SUPPLIED: 6 x plug plants in each pack. Grow Your Own Now!