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Fruit Plants - Blueberry 'Sunshine Blue' - 2 x Large Plants in 2 Litre Pots

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ABUNDANT BLUEBERRIES: A large 'Sunshine Blue' Blueberry plant.

LOVELY BERRY BUSH: This Blueberry plant will grow into a neat compact bush with blue-green leaves. Pink flowers will eventually grow before your crop of delicious blueberries comes in.

KITCHEN POSSIBILITIES: Once grown use your fruit in any variety of dishes from home-made jam, fruit salad to blueberry pie, the options are endless!

SIMPLE PLANTING: This plant should be the ideal size to be planted directly into your garden or raised bed with ease.

FULL POTTED PLANT: Supplied as 2 plants, in 2 litre pots. Grow Your Own Now!


Product code: FRUBSB1