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Sweet Pepper Plants - 'D'Asti Giallo Yellow' - 6 x Plug Plant Pack

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D'ASTI GIALLO YELLOW: Compact plant with large delicious mild fruits. Easy to grow and ideal for patios. This plant loves heat and sun - also suitable in a conservatory or greenhouse.

SUPPLIED AS: Plug plants, with 6 x plants in a pack. Perfect for growing your own!

ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: This plant can reach a height of 24-36" with a width of 12-18"

INDOOR/OUTDOOR: This variety of pepper is best grown in a greenhouse as they are reliant on warm conditions in order to thrive and produce the best crops. They can cope well in containers outside also if placed in a sunny spot with partial shade.

PLANT CARE: The D'asti Giallo Yellow pepper must be planted 30cm apart if growing multiple as well as keeping well watered in order to ensure fruits are grown at maximum potential. Warm conditions are recommended therefore a greenhouse is a ideal location to start growing them.