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Vegetable Plants - Cucumber 'Petita' - 1 x Large Plant in a 9cm Pot

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PERFECT PETITA: Early variety with a strong but compact growth habit. Produces good crops of slender, snack size, ribbed cucumbers with a crisp, refreshing texture and no bitterness throughout summer.

CULINARY USES: Tasty, juicy mini cucumbers perfect for snacking or adding to sandwiches and salads. Petita is packed with nutrients and antioxidants as well as having low calories!

PLANT CARE: Very easy to grow, Cucumber 'Petita' are suited to grow outdoors or in a greenhouse. For best results, plant in a full sun or partial shade and support them with netting or a trellis.

ULTIMATE HEIGHT AND SPREAD: Height: 30cm (9"). Spread: 45cm (18").

SUPPLIED AS: A large, well-advanced plant in a 9cm pot.

*Plant size and maturity may vary*