How It Works

Growing Made Easy

Acqua's growing systems are suitable for all gardeners and growers regardless of age or experience. The Acqua Garden is particularly ideal for urban locations. Fully automated, self-watering and with 24 separate growing points, you can grow herbs, micro-greens, salads and vegetables of your choice.



The system package includes everything you need - a reservoir which holds nutrient-enriched water, a submersible pump, timer and rechargeable battery, a series of growing pods that stack vertically in a tower configuration, and a supply of coconut coir and nutrients.


No tools are required to assemble the system. Quick set up, and you are now a grower!

Natural Nutrients

The reservoir at the bottom of the system is filled with a mineral nutrient-enriched water solution which is automatically circulated around the system at set intervals. Our nutrient formula comprises a mix of natural minerals, designed to provide plants with all the goodness they need. No harmful chemicals are used and plants grow quickly and healthily.

Soil-less Growing

With an Acqua Tower system, plants are grown in coconut coir, a clean, natural and sustainable growing medium which has exceptional water retention properties, as well as providing excellent aeration around the roots of the plant. As the plants are contained in a neutral medium, many of the issues associated with soil growing – such as pests, diseases and often harmful chemicals, as well as the encroachment of weeds – are avoided.

A Short Time To First Harvest

Aside from a few minor tasks, such as checking water level, the Acqua garden will take care of itself. And as your plants have all the water and minerals they need at all times, in a matter of weeks, you’ll be enjoying abundant homegrown produce, harvested at its peak.